Trims design

We take pride in designing innovative trims, buckles and cord stoppers which we develop both as standard  and custom components. We strive to surpass the existing state of the art and bring extra comfort to users.


Product development and project management

We offer to develop trim projects from the initial concept sketches to the first delivery of the components. We assist our customers at every stage of development with a focus on customer satisfaction, quality and reliability. We understand the challenges of time to market and the importance of supplying  products to the stores on time.

teamwork Design


We are passionate about the products we develop and accompany the manufacturers and customers who chose to produce or buy our buckles in marketing the trims. We supply leaflets, logos, instruction manuals, photos, videos and all the materials necessary to enhance the attractiveness of the trims and make their advantages and functionalities clear for the users.

OEM Bags and Accessories

We offer to brands a range of OEM bags and accessories  which integrate our trims.  We produce the bags in partnership with OEM bag manufacturers in Asia and accompany customers from the very start of their project with the logos, prototyping of the bag, product testing, specifications, delivery and quality control of the final product. Typically, a brand would approach us when they wish to launch an off the shelf product for a quick time to market approach or if they consider that one of our concepts would fit into their existing product range.



Product testing

All the products we design are tested for pull strength and outdoor usage. We take great pride in making product testing one of the pillars of our strategy to bring not just new ideas but practical and qualitative products on the market.