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The reverso is a new generation of symmetrical and androgynous cord locks. Composed of 2 identical male-female parts and a stainless steel spring.

+ ORIENTATION : With its 180° symmetry It is never upside down, offering  aesthetic, visual and functional coherence.

+ FUNCTIONALITY : The push buttons are the same size on either side maximising the surface in contact with fingers making it easy to press when using gloves.Its design makes it easy to grab and it can be placed on shoe laces for quick lacing.

+ AESTHETICS : Its 180° symmetry and uninterrupted lines bring a modern style and potential for playing with dual colour combinations.

+ RESISTANCE :  Equipped with a stainless steel spring, it is thick, resistant and tough to endure outdoor and travel usage



Dare to cut your shoe laces and add on a REVERSO for an easy and safe lacing gesture

+ ERGONOMICS : easy to handle for adults and children

+ AESTHETICS : dual colour code to match your shoes

+ SAVE TIME : fasten and release in a second !


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YING YANG symmetry

Reverso High resistance


Spring and summer