1. Which colours are available?

All our produts can be injected in any pantone C or pantone TPX reference. Monochrome or two-coloured buckels and cord-stoppers are possible. This allows good integration with garment styles or a personalization to match the brand’s visual identity. All we need for that are the precise Pantone references.

2. How can I receive samples?

We would be more than happy to send you samples, so that you can test them on your products. All you need to do is to contact us (see Contact details) mentioning:

– Company name
– Contact details with position in the company
– Number of samples desired (Tao & Spiral)
– Delivery address
Please note some charges may apply depending on the qty of samples requested.

3. Can you make customized components?

The answer is ‘yes’. Please get in touch with us and let us know your expectations. We can design and prototype the parts which fit your needs as we are equipped with two 3D printers and use a network of tool makers for the injection pilot tools. We can also accompany you in patenting the design to offer you protection on a global basis.

4. Are your systems patented ?

All products displayed on this website are patented. The strength of our business is based on two core foundations : our expertise in design and our expertise in patents. Our systems are the result of countless hours of design and intellectual property research. We always protect our creations against counterfeiting in collaboration with our leading manufacturers’ legal teams.

5. Where do you produce your parts ?

We subcontract injection molding to leading buckle and cord stopper specialists in China and Taiwan and sell on an EXW basis.

6. Your Consent / Privacy

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