About us

Readylace is a design studio and a brand for state of the art plastic components for the sports and fashion industries including buckles and cord stoppers. The brand Readylace is part of the Holding company Readynovation which we founded in Paris in 2014.

We design both standard and custom innovative solutions for clients. We can provide innovation on demand and accompany a client through the development, prototyping and mold making processes.

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Our ambition is to bring exceptional new standards and functionalities to the market. What makes it possible is the fact that current systems have seen limited innovation over the past decades (variations of the guillotine mechanism for cord stoppers and the SR side release system for buckles). With our ideas and products we hope we can help brands in continuous search of product differentiation to meet the daily challenge of introducing functional and aesthetic innovation into their products and help them maintain the lead in their chosen markets.

We work with injection moulding partners to whom we subcontract the manufacture of components. Components can be purchased directly from our manufacturing partners or directly from Readylace for some references. We are currently developing two families of components : cord stoppers and buckles.

Our buckles are exciting as they present new functionalities and opportunities, enabling multiple combinations from 2 to 5 buckles using a single component !  Jack Wolfskin has already made the choice of the Varioclic for its sling bags.


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We have spring based cord stoppers comprised of two perfectly symmetrical collaborating pieces showing a highly aesthetic and functional consistency.

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We also have spring free systems which work thanks to the flexion of the plastic part itself.

Our plastic parts allow for a great variety of shapes and variations and can unleash creativity as well as address specific needs and limited series.



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